with earth for components under board

E-Series Slim Underboard for Components(model number size price etc See price list)
SE=with earth E=No earth    S=single structure W=double structure
Material and Structure: The underboard is made by sandwiching a resin-based damping material between two 0.3mm iron plates. The W-type variant features a dual-layered construction for enhanced stability and vibration reduction.
Since 2008, the undisputed best-selling underboard in Japan has been Sunshine’s E-Series Slim Underboard for Components. Its usage is incredibly simple – just place it underneath audio equipment like amplifiers and players. Between the equipment and the ground surface, harmful micro-vibrations that affect sound quality are constantly present. This board excels at absorbing those vibrations, offering unrivaled performance compared to any other competitor’s underboard.
Starting from 2023, we have also introduced a version with built-in virtual grounding. Virtual grounding has become a huge trend in the Japanese audio industry, but despite its theoretical understanding, properly implemented products are rare to find. Sunshine, on the other hand, has been pioneering virtual grounding for the past 15 years, setting us apart from other manufacturers.
To better understand its effectiveness, let’s compare it in a clear context – even without grounding, this underboard alone surpasses the performance of conventional manufacturers’ $1000 boards. If there were a board priced at $3000, we believe its effectiveness would be comparable to that level.