For car audio under board

Car Audio Underboard(model number size price etc See price list)
When it comes to installing amplifiers, processors, and other equipment in cars, it’s common to use wooden boards as a base for bolt mounting. So, I thought it would be great to develop a board that improves the sound, similar to home audio. This board is especially designed for car audio, which is a battle against noise, and it includes a virtual ground. The effectiveness of virtual ground in car audio, which is crucial in the fight against noise, has been proven. However, there hasn’t been a breakthrough virtual ground specifically designed for car audio yet. That’s why this board is an essential requirement when installing amplifiers. Whether it’s customers who leave their cars at the shop for installation or visitors to the shop’s website, promoting such an innovative product with a reasonable price will surely generate a positive response.
To understand the degree of effectiveness more easily: Originally developed as an underboard for speakers, when compared to speaker underboards, even those priced at 10 times higher, this board easily surpasses their performance. The material used in traditional speaker underboards, which is mostly MDF used to avoid quality deterioration, only degrades sound. There is no board that can surpass Sunshine’s board, as Sunshine uses specially ordered natural wood plywood for the board, paying attention to the moisture content of the wood.