Magnesium Insulator

Sunshine is the only company worldwide that produces insulators using magnesium. In the realm of tone arms, SME from the UK also offers magnesium-based insulators, but their retail price in Japan starts at a minimum of $5,000. Borrowing SME’s marketing slogan in Japan, “Magnesium: The Earth’s strongest material for audio,” we offer this Earth’s strongest material at such an affordable price. However, please understand that the appearance may not be aesthetically pleasing. While it is often said that products should look pristine, magnesium is a considerably expensive material. In Japan, if it falls within an acceptable range, customers prefer affordable options even if they have minor scratches or dirt. If you want to sell a large quantity and create impulse purchases, the most important factors are affordability and significant effectiveness. Alternatively, you can opt for a moderately high-priced product with a visually appealing design and considerable effect. The latter can be relatively easy to achieve, whereas the former is extremely challenging, if not impossible. Our first overseas strategy model for insulators aims to prioritize cost-effectiveness. The performance of magnesium is 266 times higher in vibration absorption compared to aluminum. We invite you to experience this miraculous performance at our affordable price. It wouldn’t be surprising if the material were priced ten times higher (though it must have a decent appearance).

Material: Pure magnesium with a purity of 99.95%
Hybrid structure with a damping plate
Size: Diameter 69mm, Thickness 8.2mm
Usage: Suitable for various applications such as placing under the legs of components, the four corners of racks, preventing direct placement of speakers, or as spike receivers. It is an incredibly versatile product.

Regarding the low wholesale price:
Firstly, please note that our product does not undergo any painting process, and its appearance remains unattractive. As a result, it is classified as a B-grade product. However, its performance remains unchanged.