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Common Features of All Cables:
Conductor: DIP FORMING oxygen-free copper wire is used. This type of copper wire was developed by the American company GE in the 1960s and has been used in notable applications such as Western Electric speaker cables and internal wiring. The original DIP FORMING manufacturing furnace was later transferred and further improved for use in automotive internal wiring, resulting in a higher quality DIP FORMING oxygen-free copper wire.
HES Treatment, which stands for Hyper Saturated Energizer, has the effect of activating the conductor’s interior and improving the crystalline structure. As a result, audio signals flow more smoothly. While several Japanese companies offer cables treated with HSE, only SUNSHINE and its partner manufacturer TIGLON utilize three HSE machines to apply the treatment to the low, mid, and high-frequency ranges (covering the entire spectrum). The main reasons why other manufacturers do not use three machines are the high cost of the HSE equipment and the lack of expertise required to perform the triple treatment. It should be emphasized that without the three-fold treatment, it is impossible to achieve significant improvement in image quality for devices such as computers and home theaters.
Conductor: DIP FORMING oxygen-free copper wire
Treatment: HSE (once for reference, three times for GRANDE)
Plug: Molded
Development Intent:
To offer the highest-performance power cable at an affordable price for anyone involved in audio.
Traditional high-end cables have little difference in their conductors, whether they are $10 or $1000 cables. The distinction lies in the outer layer of the cable, such as the shield, sheath, or the use of expensive precious metals in the plugs. This cable takes a different approach by focusing on making the conductor better than any expensive cable while keeping the outer design as simple as possible without spending excessive money. It is a cable that maximizes the characteristics of the conductor.
As a result, it exhibits a neutral and flat response compared to any expensive cable. These characteristics have been proven not only for home audio power cables but also for recording equipment, home theaters, and even improving computer screen quality. It has been demonstrated to enhance gaming PC visuals, directly impacting scores. If you are involved in a significant business, I hope you pay attention to this power cable and “The Spiral.”