Sunshine is a company that has been operating in Japan for 16 years, specializing exclusively in vibration control audio accessories. The thin component boards by Sunshine have been the best-selling audio accessories in Japan over the past 16 years.

However, the company’s scale of operations is small, and the reason for this is that the company’s founder and representative has a weak constitution, meaning they dislike work due to their physical fragility. Nevertheless, as time passes over these 16 years, one tends to become stronger, and during this period, the representative has prioritized taking care of their health.

I believe that they have become stronger compared to 16 years ago. Due to these factors, the desire has arisen to showcase the technical expertise that Sunshine has accumulated to the world. The representative of Sunshine comes from a background in material companies and is an avid audio enthusiast. They were raised in an environment where their father was a professional pianist.

They are determined not to be inferior to any manufacturer in terms of their sensitivity to product development. As a result, they have developed insulators made of magnesium, a material that has not yet been adopted by anyone, as well as vibration-damping plates with superior vibration absorption properties compared to magnesium. Their policy is to offer new materials and high-performance materials that have not yet been adopted anywhere at affordable prices for everyone to purchase.

I can confidently say that Sunshine creates accessories that excel in sound quality improvement and are at the forefront of performance in the world.

Sunshine’s expertise extends beyond home audio and can be applied to other fields as well. The area that Sunshine wants to venture into the most is undoubtedly esports. It is said that there are around 800 million people worldwide involved in esports, whereas the number for home audio enthusiasts is around 20 million, which is significantly different.

It has been proven that utilizing Sunshine’s accessories can improve the graphics and sound quality of gaming computers. Furthermore, it has been demonstrated that these improvements directly contribute to higher scores. If it is established that these accessories have a direct impact on scores, esports players would undoubtedly desire them once they become aware of their existence.

If Sunshine had sufficient financial resources, I would promote and sell the products directly to esports players around the world through YouTube advertising. Unfortunately, Sunshine does not have the financial means for such an endeavor. However, if you are interested, I can send you a complete set of samples for you to try. With the financial resources to invest in YouTube advertising, significant profits can be made. I believe that those with foresight will emerge victorious. If no one else is doing it, Sunshine intends to participate in next year’s gaming show in Germany, where we plan to demonstrate two computers side by side. I hope you won’t prevent us from doing so.

By the way, the most effective accessory is the “The Spiral Grande,” which is wound around the cables inside the computer. The next significant impact comes from the power cables alone. Computers are truly a battle against noise, as they are filled with it.

It also applies to car audio.

First, in terms of improving sound quality, “The Spiral Grande” is unrivaled. It is particularly effective for RCA cables, USB cables, and other car audio accessories. I am confident that it delivers the most powerful effects in car audio history. Additionally, we take pride in our accessories for securing amps and processors with virtual grounding, as well as speaker cables that offer excellent flexibility and superior quality.

Ideal for recording.

If Sunshine’s XLR cables and power cables were to become popular in recording studios, it would significantly transform the recording industry worldwide.

Perfect for home theater.

First, connect the power cable to the AV receiver. Furthermore, although we haven’t developed it yet, if Sunshine were to create an HDMI cable, it would undoubtedly produce the best image quality compared to any other cable on the market. Additionally, our vibration-damping boards are highly effective when used with projectors placed directly on surfaces, enhancing image quality.

Traditional audio accessory manufacturers (including cables)

To be frank, they only excel in the field of home audio and perhaps car audio. The reason for this is that they focus more on altering sound rather than improving it. Altering sound is relatively easy, but improving sound quality is extremely challenging and costly. Traditional audio accessory manufacturers require the use of ultimate high-fidelity materials to achieve any noticeable effects. If there were other manufacturers capable of producing such accessories worldwide, I would like to know about them, but they simply do not exist. That’s why Sunshine’s representative continues to work, despite his aversion to it. If there were manufacturers producing accessories with such exceptional performance and selling them worldwide, Sunshine’s representative would choose to live a leisurely life on social welfare instead.

OEM manufacturing is also available.

Japan lacks globally recognized audio brands, particularly in America, the UK, France, and Germany.