Corporate philosophy

We are a company specializing in audio accessories.

The policy is producing products at row price that’s available for anybody who is a home audio person regardless their nationality. Also, we are aiming for the high quality as same as the other high bland company.

For example, SUNSHINE’s under board costs $100; its quality is much more higher than the under board from another company costs $1200.

The reason why we take this strategy is that Audio users who buy the expensive $1200 underboard are only 10%.Thus, we are focusing for the remaining of 90% users who prefer high quality but low price.

Product features

In order to show the high quality performance, we are introducing new materials that no maker has adopted so far. We utilize the magnesium for Under board and the DIP FORMING oxygen-free copper wire for cables.

In spite magnesium is a very risky material, and DIP FORMING copper wire is only manufactured for the internal wiring of Japanese car, we utilize these material for coming true the row price.

We hope that it would be the world standard bringing out the products using the best material as cheap as possible.

SUNSHINE brought in several kinds of products made by other companies that costs more than 10 times to compare with our products and do audition meetings.

After that we have a majority vote and only products that have received over 90% of the support. So we have absolute confidence in our products.

Sales results

In Japan, the home audio population is definitely the lowest among the major countries. Instead of that, SUNSHINE has sold 80,000 underboards in the last 10 years in Japanese market.

However, the portable audio such as head phones and earphones is the best market in the world.In particular, the thin underboard B50 which costs $100 is number one selling audio accessories in Japan. Its because the quality is much more better than the under board costs $1200.

However, despite of the fact that the unit price is low, the shipping costs are high that makes overseas business be hardly widespread. So we have launched two types cable which is speaker cable and power cable for products overseas market. As the sale results, power cable and speaker cable are the most sold cable in Japan so far.

We are increasing the sales amount by dealing with the foreign company that have had a relationship so far.

Also, we have prepared for spike holder made of magnesium (model number S1) as the overseas markets.This has been sold 1500-2000P in one month for the first three years in Japan.

Although the weight is slightly heavy, the demand for Magnesium block (model number S5) is also good for overseas products.