Interconnect cable

Interconnect Cable(model number size price etc See price list)
Treatment: HSE (3 times)
Shield: DIP FORMING Shield (world’s only)
Plug: RCA (Sunshine original), XLR (Neutrik)
Development Intention:
While it is a common desire among audio enthusiasts to own high-end cables, they are often unaffordable. This cable was created with the intention of providing performance that comes close to the highest-priced cables at an affordable price, catering to such audio enthusiasts.
However, this cable fundamentally differs in performance from high-priced cables. High-priced cables often exhibit impressive demonstration effects once a certain price threshold is exceeded, showcasing characteristics like ultra-high speed and resolution. However, there is nothing inherently wrong with that; in short, it can be described as “coloring” the sound. Sunshine cables, on the other hand, strive for neutrality and flatness, pushing the boundaries of such characteristics. In this sense, they can be considered cables that have been unprecedented until now.
RCA: Currently, only 1-meter and 1.5-meter lengths are being produced. However, if there is sufficient demand, longer lengths can also be produced, ensuring top performance even as RCA cables for car audio applications.
XLR: If this cable were to be introduced for microphone cables or studio equipment, I believe the recording quality would significantly improve. Unfortunately, in Japan, the recording equipment shop called “Sound House” dominates the market, leaving no room for penetration. Nevertheless, I am confident that this cable can be considered the ultimate monitor sound.