Model No: SSP-reference1.0
Outer dimensions: 6.5 mm diameter
Conductor :DIP FORMING Oxygen-free copper wire
Processing :HSE
Insulator :polyethylene
Sheath :Ultraflex PVC
Structure Twist structure
Price :1 meter (39.38 inches) $ 27
Cut off from 50 meters (1969 inches)


Utilizing DIP FORMING oxygen-free copper wire for the conductor.
The cable used be utilized by the Western in United States, TAD which is the popular Japanese audio manufacturer, SUNSHINE and TIGLON in Japan. These are all supplied by TIGLON.
The reason why other cable manufacturers do not use this conductor is simply because of the cost.
In fact, the material cost is more than doubled compared to audio conductors such as PC-TripleC, which are mainstream in Japanese-made cables.
However, recently, TIGLON found that the main conductor is still being manufactured in Japan.
Although, the price is expensive, Sunshine and TIGLON found value in this cable for make a different with other company.

The biggest point is that it is cheaper than the Western cable using the latest technology of further normalizing the internal crystal of the conductor and smoothing the sound signal further with the same conductor as Western and with HSE in-conductor compression technology.
SUNSHINE makes this cheap price possible by mass production.
TAD is the best for the speaker If you are available on this price. Because it costs around $ 800 per meter.
If it’s not available for you, we recommend SUNSHINE’s speaker cable.
It’s also sales point that using the same conductor and processing as TAD but the price is cheaper.

We are proud of this revolutionary product for sound quality improvement effect.

Furthermore, we can confidently say that this product can be used as a cable not only for audio, but also as a power cord for AV amplifiers used in home theaters. The price is also affordable and the quality is very good. Of course the cable on the AV amplifier using high performance is the best one, but as the power cord of the AV amplifier few people will use your power cord, so we want to give the world the AV amplifier users to promote this power cord, especially the effect of the action and low range of audio playback, are an amazing effect.And the speaker cables made by Sunshine are the same, because AV software can transmit more information than regular music software, so using a good cable will give you better results. But if you want to use other companies’ power cords on AV amplifiers to achieve the effect of Sunshine’s power cords, your budget will go up because they are expensive and no one will want to use them for home theater.