cable insulator

The Spiral”

Material and Structure: It is processed in a spiral shape, with magnesium encapsulated within a damping rubber.

In Japan, there is a trend of using insulators that are directly wrapped around cables. One common feature is that most manufacturers use damping rubber as the basic material. Sunshine takes pride in its spiral insulator, which embeds magnesium within the damping rubber. This is considered a highly advanced product with significant technological expertise. Other manufacturers offer variations such as gel-like liquids or simply using damping rubber. However, the most effective electrical effect is achieved by embedding metal within the insulator. Magnesium, known for its excellent vibration absorption and electromagnetic shielding properties, is the best metal for this purpose.

This effective cable is particularly impactful when used with power cables, as well as interconnect cables, USB cables, phono cables, and others.

Applications of “The Spiral”:

1. For car audio accessories: When wrapped around USB and RCA cables, it provides the most powerful effect in the history of car audio. We recommend it to customers who leave their cars at the shop for installation and other purposes. The reason is that there is no competing product like it. If the staff recommends it, customers who have a reasonable budget are likely to adopt it.

2. For gaming PC accessories: When wrapped around internal wiring in a PC (as the internal wiring is short, the spiral needs to be cut and used), it has been proven to improve image quality. There is no other accessory like it. Improved image quality leads to improved scores in esports. We would love to see it make its way into the esports industry. If Sunshine had abundant funds, we would sell it globally using YouTubers. However, we do not possess such wealth, as esports involves approximately 800 million people worldwide. We firmly believe that those with foresight will dominate the market.

Spiral Grande

“The Spiral Grande” is a product that has undergone HSE Grande treatment applied to “The Spiral.” The HSE treatment is directly applied to the magnesium material that forms the core of The Spiral.

Direct application of HSE to magnesium is a pioneering attempt in Japan, and the results have been nothing short of remarkable. The effect is unprecedented, and it’s difficult to explain why it is so effective. The sound emanates as if overflowing. I recommend trying a sample first, and if you’re interested, I can send it to you immediately. This is a product that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

If stores recommend it to customers at this price point, I believe they will be willing to purchase it. Additionally, if you have connections with media companies such as magazine publishers who regularly advertise, they may be willing to feature it in articles free of charge. It would be unnecessary to spend on advertising expenses. Truly excellent products require no advertising budget. It is not an exaggeration to say that Sunshine’s products are the strongest in the market.