Conductor—DIP FORMING copper cable
Plug—Fluorine Resin. Gilding
Price—198 dollar

Model Price ( $ )
SAC-reference $225 → $190

Selling Point:
Our cable has the same high quality as the product which price is 50 times higher than ours. In japan, we use the same conductor for both 100 dollars and 10000 dollars cable. And that is the reason for our great cost performance. Since we used the former western speaker cable with superb purity and 2 times price higher than normal ones. Definitely, Our product own the same high quality as other 10000 dollars cables have. For our good quality, our products are always on the top of sale ranking.

Furthermore, we can confidently say that this product can be used as a cable not only for audio, but also as a power cord for AV amplifiers used in home theaters. The price is also affordable and the quality is very good. Of course the cable on the AV amplifier using high performance is the best one, but as the power cord of the AV amplifier few people will use your power cord, so we want to give the world the AV amplifier users to promote this power cord, especially the effect of the action and low range of audio playback, are an amazing effect.And the speaker cables made by Sunshine are the same, because AV software can transmit more information than regular music software, so using a good cable will give you better results. But if you want to use other companies’ power cords on AV amplifiers to achieve the effect of Sunshine’s power cords, your budget will go up because they are expensive and no one will want to use them for home theater.