Model number Conductor Shield Plug Manipulate Price&length
SAC-PREMIUM DIP FORMING Oxygen-Free Cooper magnesium shield (with world special permission), fixed with noise filter FURUTECH FI-48NFC(R) FI-48M NFC(R) FHSE 1.2 meter 1500dollars
※regular price$2000

1.8 meter 1650dollars
※regular price$2150

Attention: This product is saled be order, so it will take around 2 weeks to deliver goods since you ordered. The plug’s shape is A-type(Japan, USA, China type), C type( Europe type) is still under discussion.

Feature: This product has won an excellent Grand Prix award in the JAPAN AUDIO ACCESSORY election(which has the highest authority in Japan). This also surpassed Japan NO.1 cable?TIGLON’s TPL-2000A with higher garde.
As a reason for our superior quality, we improved the plug from FI-50 to FI-48 (the newest one), and we processed all the cables with the electrization process.

We based on the belief that makes an excellent product with the best materials. We applied summit conductor, manipulation and plug this time, so we definitely believe this can be the cable with the best quality in the world.
There also has 10000 dollars cable in the world, but it is due to the producer paid great attention to the appearance. Except the external decoration, focus on the function, the 10000 dollars cable only worth 2000 dollars. However, different from the 10000 dollars cable, our cable focuses on the performance and attained the high property which others cannot.
If you are concern about the High price, why not try the SAC-reference, which only cost 10% of those expensive cables. Almost everyone can afford it. The best and the most attractive point is you can buy the best property cable at such an affordable price.

In conclusion, the Sunshine company production of cable is to combat the high wire in the world, such as the power cord, about $twenty thousand and $30000 or so linecable born, after all the world to spend $twenty thousand to buy the person of a power cord is very little, but if just $2000, should still have a lot of people buy, even if you think $2000 of the power cord is a bit expensive,Then you can choose the $200 SAC — Reference power cord. Even SAC — Reference power cord is guaranteed not to be inferior to the $2000 power cord on the market.By the way, the SPL-1000A is a better plug than the $20,000 cable plug, and most of the super-expensive ones on the market are from FURUTECH.This product USES FURUTECH’s latest plug, which is roughly two generations old and black.When our distributor in the United States decides to start selling the products, the direct sale will end and the price sold in the United States will be roughly the same as that sold in Japan. However, considering the tariff, compared with the direct sale price, the price used in the United States is already the discount price.So the price is not the same as the shopping price.If there is no tariff, it will be a very good price, the tariff will be decided by the customs, please understand. In addition, our distributor in the United States also has the right to decide the price, please understand. At present, under the influence of the novel Coronavirus, logistics has not returned to normal. Therefore, the products need to be ordered for one month or so before they arrive. The freight will be fully borne by our company.The price of direct selling will be about 30% less than the circulating price after paying the tariff.
ULTRA THIN VIBRATION ABSORBING BOARD sometimes bend during transportation, but there is no problem with performance, so please understand.

Furthermore, we can confidently say that this product can be used as a cable not only for audio, but also as a power cord for AV amplifiers used in home theaters. The price is also affordable and the quality is very good. Of course the cable on the AV amplifier using high performance is the best one, but as the power cord of the AV amplifier few people will use your power cord, so we want to give the world the AV amplifier users to promote this power cord, especially the effect of the action and low range of audio playback, are an amazing effect.And the speaker cables made by Sunshine are the same, because AV software can transmit more information than regular music software, so using a good cable will give you better results. But if you want to use other companies’ power cords on AV amplifiers to achieve the effect of Sunshine’s power cords, your budget will go up because they are expensive and no one will want to use them for home theater.