Model number Size Thickness: Material Price
DREN-M Hexagon in Diameter 14cm 1 milli made vibration absorbed gom from magnesium and constituted in “sandwich style” 28 dollars per 1

1. Stick on the top of the recorder player’s head gel directly.
2. Stick on the Electric cable’s inlet directly

Development purpose
The record player is always considered in feeble vibration and low tone quality. However, there also has the most concentrated vibration product— head gel. We can expect to improve tone quality by lighten the vibration of this part. Head gel is a very fine object. Basically, whatever it sticks on, it can accompany that object’s voice tightly. To lighten the vibration of head gel, stick something on it is the most efficient way. Therefore, SUNSHINE succeed in developing the item that can improve the tone quality of record player obviously, by using the best audio material—magnesium to lighten vibration substantially. This product has an extremely high effect on lightening vibration and only cost less than 30 dollars. For the investment to audio products, we definitely recommend this to all of the record player users.