Model: S1
Usage: Embed spike
Size: diameter 39 milli, thickness 9 milli
Material: pure magnesium (purity 99.97%)
Price: 4P=60 dollars, 8P=100 dollars

Model Usage Size Material Price Price
S1 Embed spike diameter 39 milli, thickness 9 milli pure magnesium (purity 99.97%) 4P=60 dollars

8P=100 dollars

Usage: mainly used for embedding the spike located around bed.
If it crossed the carpet to insert spike into bed directly, the spike can just place on the bed. If place speaker beside to bed, you can clip the spike embedment between bed and wall, then it can effect weary well. Or you can place the spike embedment to the corners of speaker.

Sale point:
The world only magnesium made spike embedment. You can search on the internet to know more about magnesium. Magnesium is the lightest metal ( weight Equal to 66% aluminum) and theoretically, its vibrate absorption frequency is 266 times higher than aluminum. Magnesium is the best material used for audio product. Yet, due to its hard handling and expensive price only British company SME’s tone arm has used it before. And it cost about 10000 dollars in Japan. But, our spike embedment which made from magnesium only cost 100 dollars per 8.
Magnesium has fantastic effect. In the recent 13 years, the spike embedment made of magnesium has became the standard in japan.

Magnesium has white outward appearance and easy to be corroded. We took the point to the effect so we didn’t do much handling to the appearance like lacquering. If the product has spot on it, we are sorry for it.

The misunderstanding to vibration strategy:
The handling of speaker’s vibration has two different kinds. Directly transmit the vibration to the bed or transmit to bed by the spike. If the speaker’s vibration transmit to bed, it will return to the speaker again, Which we have to avoid. To resolve this issue, absolutely our product is the most effective and low priced.

Furthermore, we can confidently say that this product can be used as a cable not only for audio, but also as a power cord for AV amplifiers used in home theaters. The price is also affordable and the quality is very good. Of course the cable on the AV amplifier using high performance is the best one, but as the power cord of the AV amplifier few people will use your power cord, so we want to give the world the AV amplifier users to promote this power cord, especially the effect of the action and low range of audio playback, are an amazing effect.And the speaker cables made by Sunshine are the same, because AV software can transmit more information than regular music software, so using a good cable will give you better results. But if you want to use other companies’ power cords on AV amplifiers to achieve the effect of Sunshine’s power cords, your budget will go up because they are expensive and no one will want to use them for home theater.