Model Number Size Price(USD)  
20 (200×250) 45  
25 (220×290) 55  
30 (395×295) 70

40 (445×345) 80

50 (490×445) 90

30 (395×295) 40  
40 (445×345) 45  
50 (490×445) 50  


The outline of Vibration Absorbing board is on the heading of Genuine Audio. The most remarkable selling point of this product is that the recording chief engineer who is belonging to the largest record company in Japan is using it laid under the audio interface. It would be worthy accomplishment.
This is the ultimate example of Anti-vibration products. Micro vibrations are always occurring between audio device and grounding place and negatively effects the quality of sound. This is the one and only item to reduce that drastically.

Magnesium insulator(Rank B)

Including Number Price (USD)
S 1/3 P ( Spike Receptacle) 27
S 1/4 P 36
S 2/3 P(Spike) 30
S 2/4 P 40

SIZE Diameter: 38 mm Thickness: 9mm


Our insulators will defeat ten times higher-priced products with this price.
If you’re taking into consideration the cost, you can only consider this insulator for audio interfaces and stationary headphone amplifiers You would have to prepare to pay 400$ apiece if you require any other’s insulators to improve sound quality especially for headphone amplifiers. SUNSHINE will offer you a set of it 19$.

Though it is true; the insulators that are selling the most price 6$apiece and they are made
by brass. However, they are completely insulators for monitor speakers, and there are less effective for interfaces and headphone amplifiers? Because they are 6$. There are big differences between 60$ each and 190$, but there are NOT between 6$ and 19$. If that price will suffice for you, we will recommend using magnesium insulators for monitor speakers. Magnesium is called “the most intense material in the world”. On the other hand, please keep in mind that B rank means it has somewhat of damages or dirt that have no problem with the ability of the product. Magnesium is a metal that rusts easily and hence we seem to have a lot of product that hesitates to sell as A rank.

Many people seem to think that vibration absorbing is not necessary because headphone amplifier doesn’t affect from external vibration. However, every amplifier has a transformer and it means that transformer is making vibration by itself. Sound quality has been having bad effects by being transmitted to grounding place and condenser in the amplifier.
Many people are using vibration absorbing board, insulator, metal chips, etc. to take measure for internal vibration, however, you will have to pay a great deal of money to get same effects as SUNSHINE products if you would like to use any other’s.
The evidence is, for example, we have done demonstrations in front of 50 customers many times and deal with B40 of SUNSHINE and 1200$ underboard another company made.
As a result, 1200$ would be very far from your satisfaction; you might prepare 3000$ board to expect the same quality as our product. SUNSHINE is using heat exchange material that absorbs vibration and releases it rapidly. Other companies don’t use it no matter how expensive their products are.
Others are combining varied materials so that controlling vibration. Why are the other companies unwilling to use heat exchange material? We are concerning there seem to be two reasons. Frist, there is only one machine in the world to insert and infix vibration absorber between thin metals ―especially type B ―it means that only we SUNSHINE have that machine.
Of course, they are possibilities for other companies if they invest in facilities but no other place millions of dollars into only this board. This is a very simple reason. Actuary this product does not have any competitors.No recording devices don’t affect from vibration. A certain man related to the studio in Japan says, “It would be better trying to improve sound quality within the budget, even if just a little you think you want someone to listen to your recordings even if you are recording in your house”. However, low-cost and improving sound quality accessories for recording devices might be only insulators for compact monitor speaker. There would be very few accessories for devices. It would be considered that the reason is, simply to say, is just they are not able to make low-price but good products.We think that genuine audio users buy expensive items, but customers of recording would be not willing to do.

Metal Chip

Please see the outline on heading of headphone earphone accessories.
Especially PC is the nest of noise, and this is the only item to decrease it.

Metal Chip

Materials: put vibration absorbing resin material between two metals

Uses: Vibration measure item that put the bottom side or rear side of sound devices including headphone amplifier and recording equipment such as audio interfaces. It will demonstrate a great effect on the inlet of power cable.

Size(mm) 20×20×0.6

Including Number Price (USD)
16 32


Although some companies are making chip-type products for the purpose of cutting unnecessary vibration and are being offered for sale. The difference is that you put our chips anywhere and get constant effects. On the other hand, you need to put the chips others made very that point or else it may be less effective. In addition, it is much cheaper than any other putting items. There are items made by other companies and priced more than 10$. It would be wonderful if those are much better than a few dollar products of us.

Usable parts of this, we show you pictures and photo in the setting example to explain,
For genuine audio, the bottom of the amplifier and especially just under the transformer, or bottom of the CD player, especially just under the rotary shaft. In case of a record player, put turntable out temporary and bottom of there, or the inlet of power cable.
In terms of headphone (stationary headphone amplifier), the bottom of headphone amplifier and inlet of power cable
In terms of recording, it is up to genuine audio, especially this would be necessary for the interface.

Moreover, D-REN will be recommended for customers concerning the recording and use PC for it. Ordinally D-REN is a higher-ranking product of Metal chip and they have the same way to use, but there is a big gap in the price. The noticeable point only D-REN has is just the upper part of the headshell of the record player.

Usually, the back of PC is curved so that D-REN is recommended.
It is of cause better to use this in other places but it might be enough because Metal Chip has been getting good evaluations around Japan like that, “The greatest one in the putting accessories”. Basically we’ re recommending Metal Chip because customers seem not to like to spend money on these items on headphone amplifier or recording equipment, especially studios which have much equipment in a deal of recording

D-REN can be used in various situations and put earphone or headphone itself and create big effects.
Metal Chip might be too stiff and big and unstylish.

Both of Metal Chip and D-REN are made by using special techniques only in Japan. There are no competitors. Please be amazed by “MADE IN JAPAN” skills.