Earphone Re-cable ( MMCX ) Product Number Length ( m ) Price ( $ ) SE-mmcx3.5 1.2m 160 SE-mmcx2.5 1.2m 170 Headphone Re-cable for SENNHISER650 ( direct sales only ) Product Number Plug Length ( m ) Price ( $ ) MH-DF12S650-S15 Normal 1.5 320 MH-DF12S650-S30 Normal 3.0 360 MH-DF12S650-4X15 4PIN XLR 1.5 320 MH-DF12S650-4X30 4PIN XLR 3.0 360 Our cable is the only cable in the world with legendary “ DIP FORMING ” conductor. “ DIP FORMING ” is the an ultimate oxygen-free copper wire developed by General Electric Company in the U.S. in 1960 , although it was discontinued due to its cost in 1969. However , we found out that it is still produced in Japan for internal wiring of vehicles. The difference between a normal copper wire and a DIP FORMING copper wire is the strength. A DIP FORMING wire has finer crystal structure than a normal copper wire because it is refined over and over. A famous example in the past of an audio cable that used DIP FORMING is a speaker cable by Western Electric from the U.S. Owing to its DIP FORMING cable , many audio enthusiasts still believe that cables by W.E. is the best. And it is us who brought DIP FORMING back to audio cable at the present time. DIP […]


magnesium shield power cable


TIGLON/SUNSHINE Product No.     Length (m)    Price( USD )      Plug MGL-DFA10/1.2    1.2M       860        JODELICA ETP850 MGL-DFA10/1.8    1.8M       990 MGL-DFA10/1.2PREMIUM 1.2M      1590       FURURECH FI52NCF MGL-DFA10/1.8PREMIUM 1.8M      1720 MS-DF12A/1.2     1.2M      450        OYAIDE P29 MS-DF12A/1.8     1.8M      500 *The price difference is due to different kind of plugs. *MS-DF12A doesn ’ t have magnesium filter. *Each cable has excellent performance , any cable will make significant difference in sound quality. Please choose one depending on your budget. Structure 1 Conductor Dip-forming-processed oxygen free copper wire 2 Sheath Flame retardant PVC 3 Shield Served copper shield 4 Sheath Special flame retardant PVC 5 Shield Served copper shield 6 Sheath Special flame retardant PVC 7 Shield Magnesium shield 8 Sheath Special flame retardant PVC 9 Shield Magnesium shield 10 Outer sheath Special flame retardant PVC The concept behind the development of our cable is simple: to perform better than any other expensive cable. In fact , a Japanese critic gave us a high rating ; according to them , even $3 , 000 power cable from a well-known Japanese manufacturer at DFA10 are no match for ours , which is also proven by our customers who have used our cable. Then why our $800 cable performs better than $5 , 000 cable? It is because the price of cable is decided subjectively by each manufacturer depends on […]


Universal Record Stabilizing Ring


Itʼs the outer stabilizer used to prevent vibration by playing back record. To play back record music clearly, you need to prevent three unnecessary vibrations and to extract only music signal purely. Three unnecessary vibrations are… ① the vibration by stylus of cartridge ② the vibration or turn table or speaker box ③ the vibration of air As you know, the thickness of record isnʼt uniform. The sound track is thin ; the label and periphery are thick. Even you put heavy stabilizer, you cannot absorb the vibration because the sound track is still floating. So you need to adhere to the turn table sheet which sedentary reeling has been done to the not only label but also turn table. However, the sound track is just adhered by turn table because of rigidity of vinyl that is material of record. To more adhere to record to table firmly, you need to pin the circumstance of record down. You can prevent the vibration of record during playback to adhere to these three points: record, sound track and circumstance with material which has high vibration absorption capacity. To make the best of the effect of vibration absorption, we are using pure magnesium which has the maximum vibration absorbent capacity in practical metal. size circumstance 350Φ inner circumstance 320Φ the most circumstance 296Φ […]




D-REN mini H in a set of two $40 D-REN mini E in a set of two $38 When we started to make it, it was for improving sound quality of head phone and ear phone; however, as a result the most effective one is pasting it to the top of the shell of the record. This part is influenced for the worse in audio products. Pasting something for here at a pin point is the most effective solution. As for D-Ren mini H is an exactly top-grade product and also top-grade product for improving analog-sound quality. As for E type, past it in two-places as long as it’s on the tonearm. As for H type, this has two pieces, so past rest of one to metallic tip like arm base of arm. If you’d like to know about our spec, please refer to the list of earphone and headphone.

Miracle chip


For an earphone For a headphone Size diameter 9mm 12mm model number     D-REN/MINI-E D-REN/MINI-H Price pairs      $38 pairs      $40 four pair   $70 the material (both) are used by especial heat resistant vibration rubber and magnesium. “revolutionary product” this is the one and only products which can decrease external noise sharply. Furthermore, it can cut cabinet vibration from an earphone and a headphone. At the result, the sound quality is improved rapidly. To be more specific, ・improvement of resolution ・improvement of dynamic range ・increase of information easy way to use, just paste like a picture. We can expect an improved effect of sound quality. Magnesium is the rightest metal in the world. The vibration absorbent is also the very best material. It is also excellent in electromagnetic wave shield. Considering what I have just told you, it is the most powerful material for audio industry.


Under-board S30


Product no. S 30 Product Name: Under-board S30 Size: 395×295×15 mm Direct selling price: 115 S30, S40 and S50 are the products with most global demand in SUNSHINE. There are few people who place under-boards under speakers worldwide but more people are gradually becoming aware of the necessity of under-boards. However, many under-boards are expensive or need to be bought as a set (since there are usually two speakers)which may be why they are not widespread. SUNSHINE’s under-boards are cheap and effective. They are made of pure Magnesium sheets with high-quality Russian Burch. We recommend distributors to sell especially S3 or S4. They are the basics for speaker set-up and will benefit customers hugely.


Under-board S30P


Product no. S 30 P Product Name: Under-board S30P Size: 395×295×15 mm Direct selling price: 270 Constitution s30+B30+D-REN The Mg Spencer – 0.6mm version of hybrid product was launched in Japan 5 years ago. It was a hit in Japan because of making from magnesium and the Russian birch and B sheet. D-REN, which is launched in 2016, is a combined and improved version of Mg Spencer and we have confidence that you will be persuaded that this is the best spacer in the world you would have ever been using. Not only bringing users outstanding performances as players and amplifiers, it also show great function when played as a speaker of insulator.  


Under-board S40P


Product no. S 40 P Product Name: Under-board S40P Size: 445×345×19 mm Direct selling price: 300 Constitution: S40+B40+D-REN For example, even the normal version S40 will boats the same or better performance compared to other Japanese under boats which is more than 10times expensive. The reason for this is that because different to all other products, our S40 is made from me the most pure magnesium. In addition to this, Having large-scale productive exclusive factories in developing countries help us to provide customers the high quality but lowest price products.


Under-board S50P


Product no. S 50 P Product Name: Under-board S50P Size: 490×445×19 mm Direct selling price: 330 Constitution: S50+B50+D-REN This is the premium S30 S40 S50 version and we promise it will has the best performance of an under board at this price.