Universal Record Stabilizing Ring

It?s the outer stabilizer used to prevent vibration by playing back record.
To play back record music clearly, you need to prevent three unnecessary vibrations and to extract only music signal purely.


Product Number Price ( $ )
Universal Record Stabilizing Ring 500

Three unnecessary vibrations are…
・the vibration by stylus of cartridge
・the vibration or turn table or
speaker box
・the vibration of air
As you know, the thickness of record isn?t uniform. The sound track is thin ; the label and periphery are thick.
Even you put heavy stabilizer, you cannot absorb the vibration because the sound track is still floating. So you need to adhere to the turn table sheet which sedentary reeling has been done to the not only label but also turn table.

However, the sound track is just adhered by turn table because of rigidity of vinyl that is material of record. To more adhere to record to table firmly, you need to pin the circumstance of record down.
You can prevent the vibration of record during playback to adhere to these three points: record, sound track and circumstance with material which has high vibration absorption capacity.
To make the best of the effect of vibration absorption, we are using pure magnesium which has the maximum vibration absorbent capacity in practical metal.
size circumstance 350Φ inner circumstance 320Φ the most circumstance 296Φ thickness 10 ?
※you cannot use turntable which is more than 320Φ