UNDER BOARD(thin type)

M number size(mm) weight(g) price(USD)
B30 395x295x1 4 1500 100
B40 445x345x1 4 1800 110
B50 490xx445x1 4 2400 120
B20(2P) 200x250x1.4 1000(2P) 110
B25(2P) 220x290x1.4 1200(2P) 125

Three-layer structure with resin-based damping material sandwiched between 0.8 mm and 0.6 mm iron plates

Use applications
Place it under any component
Record player CD player (transport, converter) Preamplifier Power amplifier Integrated amplifier Vacuum tube amplifier

sales point
It was released in Japan in 2007, 15 years ago, and it is a super long-selling product that has been selling for 15 years since then, and it is the best underboard in Japan.
It is a sold product.
The effect is simple, much more effective than laying the same Japanese-made board 10 times the price under the components. Also, because it is ultra-thin, it can be used in a rack.
Fits comfortably

The secret of the effect
It’s easy to think that thicker underboards are more effective, but this is a ridiculous mistake. The sound of the material just rides in vain, because the thicker one looks better, that’s it.
Most thick boards use wood, especially MDF, which is counterproductive to sound quality. However, in order to maintain quality, we emphasize product stability rather than sound quality.
The sunshine board is made of all metal, and as a result of pursuing only performance without any waste, a thin, cheap and highly effective product was born, and as a result, it has been selling for 15 years.

Although this is a unique product, the price is not so high, and the effect can be promised more than 10 times, so I recommend it widely.

It is a product with very easy corners, we guarantee products from our company to the distributor, but if the corner is bent due to delivery from the distributor to the dealer to the end user, please be sure to reimburse the carrier.
If you notice the damage and return it to the shipping company within two weeks, you should be eligible for compensation.


2007年2月 发售 登 在了日本杂志

2012年  据日本最大的音响产品批发商KANJITSU称,过去五年最畅销的音响配件是SUNSHINE的超薄减振片。
2015年  由于上海音响店的情况,停止向中国的分销
2017年  自发布以来已经 10 年了,但它仍然在销售。

2022年5月 被杂志