UNDER BOARD(All Magnesium)

M.number size weight(g) price(USD)
AMB40 445x345x8 2100 680
AMB50 490x445x8 2900 780

sales point

Launched in August 2021. The only underboard using magnesium in the world, made of all magnesium

What is magnesium? The vibration absorption rate in practical metals is by far the highest theoretical value, 266 times that of aluminum, 400 times that of copper, and the lightest of all metals, 2/3 of aluminum and 1/4 of iron.

Reasons why other manufacturers do not use magnesium → The prestigious SME of tone arm in the UK has released a tone arm made of pure magnesium, but in the words of that SME company
Magnesium, the strongest substance on earth for audio, but no one tried to touch it because of its instability …

There are a number of underboards out there that are far more expensive than this board, but you can’t make the ultimate unless you’re using magnesium, regardless of price. This board is an underboard
Recommended for those who are looking for or are interested in the ultimate performance. Especially for record players, power amplifiers, and CD players, it has a remarkable effect, and since it is as thin as 10 mm, it fits comfortably in a rack.
At least record players should definitely buy this, an effect that other manufacturers’ products can never produce.

If you can’t buy this board at a high price, please buy the thin board B series, the difference from the B series is whether it is made of iron or magnesium, and the all magnesium board has a hole to let vibration escape. Or B series
The electromagnetic wave absorber that is not used in the product is sanded and crafted. If you really compare the products of other manufacturers, the effect is of course, but the material of magnesium, the difficulty of processing, and the difficulty of finishing. Considering that
It’s not strange to buy $ 10,000 instead of $ 1,000, but any high-end audio user wants to use this one first, and simply mass-produces it to keep it at this price.