TIGLON MS-DP12X(XLR) (Line Cable)


Product Number Product name Price ( $ )
xlr TIGLON MS-DP12X(XLR) (Line Cable) 450.00


Made of perfect wire and shield

We use the perfect wire “Dip Forming” invented by General Electronics Company. “Dip Froming” is the most

purified quality of Oxygen-free cooper wier. Its advantage is high purity and strength however, the cost was

so high that it had been discontinued. Japanese car makers take over the technology of GE company ,now we

can obtain this wire only in Japan.

Shield is also high quality. This shield made of 100% magnesium, be good at absorbe vibrations and creating

dinamic sounds!

These raw materials are very expensive however, we will sell TIGON DIP FORMING SERIES only $300 to $400!!
We are confident in the cost-performance of these cables and we are sure that nothing surpass our cables!!

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