shell lead wire


Product Number Plug Price ( $ )
SUN-100 Rhodium 90

SUN-200 Platinum 200

Higher in this price than any expensive Shell Lead manufactured by other company.

Reasons why this product is the best.

Using different kind of conductor.

Usual products of condoctur is
1. High purity oxygen-frree copper wire. Copper wire such as PC-Triple
2. Silver wire

It can say it will be roughly divided from above. Feature of No.2, the electrical conductivity is the highest material, and the conductivity will be 7% higher than copper wire but lots of expensive products.
On the other hand of copper wire, low priced copper wires are rather thick, and over mid-price copper wires, manifacturer using copper wire even high-end thinks narrowing copper wires for PC-TripleC high-performance audio and making lot of cores will be better than silver wire increasing wires with thin wires that dose not make alot of cores with habit. Many of the silver wire is about 7 cores, and in case of core wires, low priced will be around 20 cores, and high-end ones seems to go around 50 cores.

In our opinion, information content will be absolute for analog. Then we conclude, it will exactly be by far the best, and also narrowing the ultimate copper wire DIP FORMING that is still not well-known in audio society, and encreasing the core as much as possible will be the best.
We have proffesional to test listening compare of DIP and other copper wires in the studio and so on, and they all say, other copper wires are noisy, DIP is not, they even say noisy ones means they’re cheap. In fact, actually PC-TrripleC is just a common copper wire. And our Shell Lead Wire’s conductor is DIP FORMING copper wire 140 cores.
Conventional high-end made of copper wires will even be 0.1 mm in diameter and around 50 cores. Ours will be thin as 0.05 mm in diameter and 140 core structure. In the first place, information content will mainly pass the exterior of the wire rod, so narrowing and increasing numbers must be advantageous. Accordingly, conventional products never can be equal as constructions and materials. Rhodium model is alredy better than any conventional products. Platinum models are like dramatically strong.

Reasons why we can actualize in this price.
Actually, we are using this lead wire with our earphone re-cable. Saying in a bad repesentation, we devert it ,but you could say even if you devert it, it dose not mean the quality would go down, and it will produce on a large scale so the price will get low. Otherwise only the 0.05 mm in diameter and 140 core Shell Lead Wire will be the twice or 3 times as much of this price. It is possible on this price because producing on a large scale with Earphone re-cable. In conclusion, Earphone re-cable is using with Shell Lead Wire and so on, so we can redusce the cost saying it is the greatest performance in the world. Corporation are working hard decent. Even Shell Lead Wire or even Earphone re-cable, they are really using highest grade material so it is never low in that category, but it is not surprisingly high for the absolute value.
Further more, we could say anyone of analog users as well as people having MMCX standard, could buy in this price so we really want them to use this. We take pride in really epoch-making performance that can draw a line between conventionals.

If you change the Shell Lead Wire, the record sound will change amazingly. The attach will take time, but I think we can say it is the best accessories of record player.