TIGLON/SUNSHINE portable for audio

The characteristic, the best cable used the conductor which is executed by hypoxia copper line called DIP FORMING made by GE company in USA in 1960 adding the magnesium shield. DIP FORMING has stopped to production because of high cost; however, the TIGLON which is an affiliated company with us discovered that DIP FORMING is still used in secret for internal wiring of the car in Japan. We have started to make an earphone and a headphone and an USB used the ultimate cable. DIP FORMING is distinguish from current copper line which is used chemicals to make a high purity and is produced a large scale. It’s made by hand in refining. At the result it does not have a burrow hence the style is cool. For home audio cable, it is possible to improve quality if the more amount is added as it does not have limit of thickness; concerning a cable such as an earphone and headphone has a limit of thickness: magnesium and DIP FORMIMG are the best choices. Therefor the effect is much better than high price cable.