Re-cable  (recable)

Earphone Re-cable ( MMCX )

Product Number Length ( m ) Price ( $ )

SE-mmcx3.5 1.2m 160

SE-mmcx2.5 1.2m 170

Headphone Re-cable for SENNHISER650 ( direct sales only )

Product Number Plug Length ( m ) Price ( $ )

MH-DF12S650-S15 Normal 1.5 320

MH-DF12S650-S30 Normal 3.0 360

MH-DF12S650-4X15 4PIN XLR 1.5 320

MH-DF12S650-4X30 4PIN XLR 3.0 360

Our cable is the only cable in the world with legendary “ DIP FORMING ” conductor. “ DIP FORMING ” is the an ultimate oxygen-free copper wire developed by General Electric Company in the U.S. in 1960 , although it was discontinued due to its cost in 1969. However , we found out that it is still produced in Japan for internal wiring of vehicles.

The difference between a normal copper wire and a DIP FORMING copper wire is the strength. A DIP FORMING wire has finer crystal structure than a normal copper wire because it is refined over and over.

A famous example in the past of an audio cable that used DIP FORMING is a speaker cable by Western Electric from the U.S. Owing to its DIP FORMING cable , many audio enthusiasts still believe that cables by W.E. is the best. And it is us who brought DIP FORMING back to audio cable at the present time. DIP FORMING is certainly the best conductor for audio cables. Even other manufacturers claims that their wire are the best , it is nothing but copy for promoting. They don ’ t use DIP FORMING because of the cost ; they think they can ’ t make enough profits.

#The feature of our earphone re-cables

We compared our product with a lot of other re-cables around $1 , 000 , and clearly ours is the best. It is simply the potency of the DIP FORMING conductor. It is just like we made earphone re-cable version of W.E ’ s audio cable. Our re-cable is the only cable that can produce flat sound. Moreover , we use magnesium filter.

About the prices , we didn ’ t want to sell our cable for more than $500 since it doesn ’ t fit with our motto. We ’ d really like Shure 215 users to use our cable. We assure that our product provides much better sound quality. Of course , we believe that our re-cable is the best of MMCX headphones.

#The feature of our headphone re-cables

In addition to DIP FORMING , we use magnesium shield , which is our world patent. The difference is obvious. Those who use Sennhiser650 600 580 should use our re-cable. You will have a splendid experience , which you can ’ t get just by buying expensive mass-produced cable.


– The prices of products fluctuate month to month.

– We don ’ t accept returns of Re-cables for Sennhiser since they are made-to-order.

Order Number Title Retail Price(Including Tax)
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SE-mmcx3.5 SE-mmcx3.5 $160.00
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SE-mmcx2.5 SE-mmcx2.5 $170.00
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MH-DF12S650-S15 MH-DF12S650-S15 $320.00
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MH-DF12S650-S30 MH-DF12S650-S30 $360.00
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MH-DF12S650-4X15 MH-DF12S650-4X15 $320.00
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MH-DF12S650-4X30 MH-DF12S650-4X30 $360.00
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