Miracle chip

For an earphone
For a headphone
Size diameter 9mm
model number D-REN/MINI-E
Price pairs $38
pairs $40
four pair $70

the material (both) are used by especial heat resistant vibration rubber and magnesium.

“revolutionary product” this is the one and only products which can decrease external noise sharply. Furthermore, it can cut cabinet vibration from an earphone and a headphone. At the result, the sound quality is improved rapidly. To be more specific,
・improvement of resolution
・improvement of dynamic range
・increase of information
easy way to use, just paste like a picture. We can expect an improved effect of sound quality. Magnesium is the rightest metal in the world. The vibration absorbent is also the very best material. It is also excellent in electromagnetic wave shield. Considering what I have just told you, it is the most powerful material for audio industry.