magnesium shield power cable


The Ultimate Audio Power Cable  (MGL)


Product No.     Length (m)    Price( USD )      Plug

MGL-DFA10/1.2    1.2M       860        JODELICA ETP850

MGL-DFA10/1.8    1.8M       990

MGL-DFA10/1.2PREMIUM 1.2M      1590       FURURECH FI52NCF

MGL-DFA10/1.8PREMIUM 1.8M      1720

MS-DF12A/1.2     1.2M      450        OYAIDE P29

MS-DF12A/1.8     1.8M      500

*The price difference is due to different kind of plugs.

*MS-DF12A doesn ’ t have magnesium filter.

*Each cable has excellent performance , any cable will make significant difference in sound quality. Please choose one depending on your budget.


1 Conductor Dip-forming-processed oxygen free copper wire

2 Sheath Flame retardant PVC

3 Shield Served copper shield

4 Sheath Special flame retardant PVC

5 Shield Served copper shield

6 Sheath Special flame retardant PVC

7 Shield Magnesium shield

8 Sheath Special flame retardant PVC

9 Shield Magnesium shield

10 Outer sheath Special flame retardant PVC

The concept behind the development of our cable is simple: to perform better than any other expensive cable.

In fact , a Japanese critic gave us a high rating ; according to them , even $3 , 000 power cable from a well-known Japanese manufacturer at DFA10 are no match for ours , which is also proven by our customers who have used our cable.

Then why our $800 cable performs better than $5 , 000 cable?

It is because the price of cable is decided subjectively by each manufacturer depends on the quality of the sound it provides , but often the actual cost of cable isn ’ t taken into account.

For example, the cost of $3500 cable sold buy a famous Japanese manufacturer a few years ago was actually only $100. It explains why it’s said « Cable makes a killing ».

However, our product uses the latest technology and brand-new material. Our mission is to provide the best quality as affordable as possible. Since we use genuinely the best material, our cable isn’t the most inexpensive one, but we assure you that our cable is fairly priced compared to those inadequately over-priced cables in the market and performs remarkably better.

We believe that the most important thing is cost performance. Our cable is not only the cheapest of the category of « high-end cable » but also the best.

The technology we own:

1. Magnesium Shield – holds an international patent with TIGLON Inc.

Aluminium or copper is usually used for the shield. However, magnesium has stronger vibration absorption and electromagnetic absorption. Magnesium is the best material for shield. No other manufacuturer has magnesium shield since we have the international patent for this technology.

1. Dip-forming processed oxygen-free copper for the conducting leads

See “re-cable” of headphone/earphone accessories section for more details.

*If our product didn ’ t satisfy your need , we accept returns within one week.

* ” PREMIUM ” is made-to-order ( unreturnable ), so it takes about 1 month from order to delivery. We ’ ll inform the delivery date when the order is placed.

*We employ Paypal as a payment method.

*The prices of cable fluctuate month to month.

Order Number Title Retail Price(Including Tax)
Stock Status Quantity unit  
MGL-DFA10/1.2 MGL-DFA10/1.2 $860.00
In Stock pieces
MGL-DFA10/1.8 MGL-DFA10/1.8 $990.00
In Stock pieces
In Stock pieces
In Stock pieces
MS-DF12A/1.2 MS-DF12A/1.2 $450.00
In Stock pieces
MS-DF12A/1.8 MS-DF12A/1.8 $500.00
In Stock pieces