magnesium shield power cable


TIGLON/SUNSHINE Product No.     Length (m)    Price( USD )      Plug MGL-DFA10/1.2    1.2M       860        JODELICA ETP850 MGL-DFA10/1.8    1.8M       990 MGL-DFA10/1.2PREMIUM 1.2M      1590       FURURECH FI52NCF MGL-DFA10/1.8PREMIUM 1.8M      1720 MS-DF12A/1.2     1.2M      450        OYAIDE P29 MS-DF12A/1.8     1.8M      500 *The price difference is due to different kind of plugs. *MS-DF12A doesn ’ t have magnesium filter. *Each cable has excellent performance , any cable will make significant difference in sound quality. Please choose one depending on your budget. Structure 1 Conductor Dip-forming-processed oxygen free copper wire 2 Sheath Flame retardant PVC 3 Shield Served copper shield 4 Sheath Special flame retardant PVC 5 Shield Served copper shield 6 Sheath Special flame retardant PVC 7 Shield Magnesium shield 8 Sheath Special flame retardant PVC 9 Shield Magnesium shield 10 Outer sheath Special flame retardant PVC The concept behind the development of our cable is simple: to perform better than any other expensive cable. In fact , a Japanese critic gave us a high rating ; according to them , even $3 , 000 power cable from a well-known Japanese manufacturer at DFA10 are no match for ours , which is also proven by our customers who have used our cable. Then why our $800 cable performs better than $5 , 000 cable? It is because the price of cable is decided subjectively by each manufacturer depends on […]